Cross-post from wg-ui#38.

This is a write-up how Stockholm University protected our Wireguard UI with a Shibboleth SP and Apache httpd. I will not cover how to configure shibd or the IdP part of this integration.

The Univerity is heavly in to Single sign-on and SAML so shibd is one of the more common tools we have and use. Together with apache it’s easy to create SSO for application that can’t speak native SAML. The combination shibd and apache handles all the authentication and in this case even a rough authorization (more on that later) and proxies the request to the service.

Most SAML attributes in the .edu world are based on LDAP attributes. eduPersonPrincipalName (or eppn as Shibboleth calls it) is our primary key to identify users so that is released from the IdP to the SP as a SAML attribute and then forward/proxied as request header to the application. The only thing that needs to be configured in the Wireguard UI end is that the application needs to be started with the --auth-user-header flag set to eppn.

The apache configuration

<VirtualHost *:443>
    <LocationMatch "/">
        AuthType Shibboleth
        Require shib-attr entitlement ~ ^$
        ShibUseHeaders On

    SSLCertificateFile    /path/to/
    SSLCertificateKeyFile /path/to/
    SSLCertificateChainFile /path/to/DigiCertCA-2024-11-18.crt

    ProxyPass "/" ""
    ProxyPassReverse "/" ""

Configuration in depth

Require shib-attr entitlement ~ ^$

We have alot of users at the University and not all of them are eligible to use Wireguard UI. By default apache and shibd lets everyone through and since Wireguard UI has no knowlege about the user in beforehand we release another (eduPersonEntitlement) from the IdP to the SP and require a specific value on the user in order to be allowed to use the service.

ShibUseHeaders On

This enables shibd to publish SAML attributes to the application (in our case proxy) through request headers.

Thats is! I hope it could be useful someone else. The setup works flawless and big thanks to EmbarkStudios for a great application.