Since I moved to my current apartment the WiFi has been a little bit shaky. Not much enough to bother, but still not perfect.

Last weekend I needed to transfer some video clips from the latest vacation from my laptop to the NAS. The file transfer took forever and the computer was useless (internet-wise) during the transfer. After four hours I had had it and decided that something had to be done!

I did some googling and found that the enterprise AP I wanted to have was really expensive. So I asked the network guys at work if they had any Cisco APs that I could borrow to test if my WiFi experience would get better with better hardware.

They where out of all good Cisco equipment but lent my a measurement device to measure my signal from my current AP. The signal wasn’t too bad but not perfect.

Then it hit me! All the Cisco APs we have at work are designed to be mounted in the roof. My AP is located at the roof but designed to sit closer to the floor. So I flipped the AP upside down and did some more tests with the lent device. Great success, almost perfect signal.

But now another problem appeared. The AirPort Extreme isn’t designed to lay upside down. It’s getting really hot quite fast. So I went for one of the best things in the world, LEGO and built my own “Enhancement Pack” to lift it up.

This is how it ended up:



Thanks Joacim for the LEGO idea and post title.